Our bespoke nGaje hardware. Built to accompany our software application. We can supply user interactive kiosks to help facilitate your staff data input and capture directly on the shop floor.

We can also provide interactive kiosks

Making it even easier to engage

Now available in Kiosk Mode

Our nGaje system is also fully operational in Kiosk Mode, and additional hardware equipment can be purchased as an option.

This makes it even easier for your business to engage with its employees in a user-friendly, and easy to understand manner. We can provide such onsite facilities through the use of our bespoke range of kiosks.

Just some of the features we can offer through nGaje kiosks are:

  • Access for your staff to nGaje in different areas of your business e.g., staff canteen, locker room
  • Quick and easy log on process – simply scan a QR code
  • Highly secure and user protected
  • Remote managed service option available
  • Gateway option to other internal systems within your business
  • Includes free pop-up roller banner
  • Comes complete with protective cover
We can also provide interactive kiosks

Kiosk features include...

nGaje Kiosk Mode offers bespoke hardware and integrated software combined in to a small yet durable kiosk which can also be implemented in different locations due to its portable nature.

Touch Screen kiosks Touch Screen icon

Touch screen

Our kiosks are purely touch screen thanks to the power and reliability of Apple's iPads.

Secure locking of iPad Secure locking Icon

Secure locking

The enclosure of the kiosk can be securely locked helping to provide additional peace of mind.

Onboard Camera Onboard Camera Icon

On board camera

By utilising the high resolution on board digital camera users can access our system by simply scanning a QR code.

USB Power powered USB Power Icon

USB Powered

Although the kiosks can be powered entirely from internal battery, there is also an integrated USB power socket.

"The nGaje team are more than accommodating and able to tweak their system if needed to ensure you get the details that you and your Company desire. It's a great platform!"
Sue Johns, Group HR Manager at Pioneer Foods

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